A Growing Youth Project



A project cultivating teenagers and young adults who know how to produce great food and feed their community. A series of occasional activities throughout the year hosted by several community gardens and organisations co-ordinated by the Primrose Valley Project in East Leeds



  • Grow your own pizza – Grow wheat, grind your own flour and make pizza on our wood fired oven (topped with home grown ingredients of course!).

  • Plant urban orchards - Harvest and preserve fruits into juices and snacks.

  • Learn about landscape and garden design combined with Permaculture (sustainability).

  • Creative crafts and up cycling projects to make a garden beautiful.

  • Trips to other community gardens and farms and a professional bakery & pizzeria

  • Bonfires and socials


Why get involved?

  • Get out of the house get out of your head – A relaxing and peaceful time to de-stress.

  • Outdoors exercise - As good as going to the gym!

  • Create a community of fun caring friends.

  • Help younger kids get excited about gardening and food

  • Solve real, unmet community needs while building your skills as a worker, citizen, leader, and steward.

  • Practice your communication, teamwork and other job skills

Cost £0 - £10/workshop
Pay what you can afford. Contributing for these workshops help make future workshops possible and values the time taken to prepare, publicise and host the day. If you can't contribute money you could contribute time/skills please get in touch if you want to contribute in this way. Examples include arriving early to help to set up or pack down, welcoming people at the gate, bringing some snacks for participants to share, making a short video of the day or doing some social media to support it. Any form of contribution is welcomed please get in touch.

Travel – We can reimburse bus tickets / the trips will be done by minibus.

To apply please email for a registration pack: Primrose.valley.project@gmail.com




Some Upcoming Dates (More will be announced soon)


Sunday 24th March – Fruit tree grafting – Cornerstone Housing Co-op No.40 LS7 3HB

grafting is way of guaranteeing what variety of fruit will grow and what size the tree will grow too. All cultivated/commercial apples, pears, oranges, lemons, olives etc… are grown on grafted trees! This is because if you plant a pip from these fruits you will get a giant wild tree with tiny fruits e.g. crab apples. Grafting is achieved by joining the roots of one tree to a branch (scion) of another tree which then grows with the characteristics of both. This is an amazing process to learn about… a very physical genetic engineering that has been practised for thousands of years.


Sunday 31st March 10 - 4pm Woodhouse Moor Allotments

Hugelkulture (literally “mound culture” in German) is a time-tested method of using discarded plant debris to build raised beds. The benefits are numerous: soil building, water-retention, slow-release of nutrients, easier fruit tree picking, microclimate diversification, extended square footage of garden space, ease of tending, ..the list goes on!



Sat/Sun 6th / 7th of April  –Orchards, wheat fields and mud walls!

Killingbeck Community Allotment LS14 6AQ


Help us Plant out fruit trees & bushes to make new orchards ready for a tasty summer harvest. We will also be sowing wheat seed to grow the flour for pizza making in the summer. On the Sunday we will be starting to make a cob walls for our round house (walls made from clay and straw).



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