We love working with fruit at Killingbeck and would love to share some with you!

Since planting a community orchard in 2015 we have been learning how to make tasty fruit snacks and drinks with the abundant fruit. So far we have planted 16 fruit trees and hundreds of strawberry plants. We have also been caring for a mature orchard on Primrose Valley nature reserve which has 18 fully grown trees.


Their are fun activities to do all year round including scything the grass, pruning (cutting) branches off as well as all the picking and processing. In summer and Autumn the juice flows and we make dried fruit leathers and other tasty treats.


If you would like to take home free fruit for friends and family then join our orchard group and we will will share the harvest. Keep your eye out for our fruit products coming to shops and markets near you soon!


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Fruit and Veg with Killingbeck Community Centre